Curly hair treatment

Frequent Questions and Answers

The preparation for Ouidad haircut; bring your curly hair clean no tangles and loose, so the stylist can identify your type of curls, and decide with you the best way to shape them,  with the Carving & Slicing technique, also we recommend this haircut for those who blow dry their hair straight 30% and wants to reduce some volume. This was created by Ouidad pioneer in the curly hair industry.

 Wash your curls the day before or the morning of your appointment, I need you to cleanse, condition, REMOVE ALL TANGLES (best way to remove tangles is with conditioner in the shower), and let your hair completely air dry (or sit under a hooded dryer), so that your curls dry in their natural form. Product in your hair is okay if it does not create a fake curl. Do not pull your curls up in a ponytail, braid, bun, clips, or wear a hat when you come in for your appointment. I need to see your curls as define as possible (do not brush). This technique will allow you to keep the length and add more shape around the face maintaining the curls under more control and less volume.

Your Hair must to be freshly wash and condition, just add some leave in for styling nothing else and dry in natural stage this technique (created by Nubia Suarez) will allow you to retain length and creating lots of volume.

All of the techniques above will be adjust for men’s that has curls and wants to keep them on point.

Let us know if you have any other question.