Arianne Gallardo

Senior Stylist, moved from Colombia to USA in 2014. Graduated from Beauty School in 2016, then had the opportunity to start working at The Curl Whisperer as an assistant and apprentice. My hair by that time used to be damaged from chemicals, colors and heat, so I was desperate trying to find a product or something that could help me fix what I had done to my curls, my journey at the salon was more like a gift from heaven, I learned how to take care of my hair and others the proper way, I understand the struggle during the journey on getting your curls back, making my own hair healthy was very hard and difficult but it just made me to love and understand how important is to embrace every curly girl, l wanted to share my knowledge with more and more people. Devacurl certified on September of 2017 and Rëzocut in January 2019, working behind the chair every day give me the opportunity to learn from all of you! I want to empower the curly community to be proud of what God gave us. My niche and specialization is on haircuts.

My Curls Whispers